In the newest edition of SBC Leaders Magazine, AstroPay CEO Mikael Lijtenstein highlighted how vital it is to understand local consumer habits when targeting new markets.

After last year’s successful European launch, Lijtenstein reflected on how useful AstroPay’s proactive approach towards user feedback proved to be. 

“Understanding the complexity of the region and the particularities of each market within Europe was a challenge at first, but nothing new to us,” the AstroPay CEO said.

“For more than 12 years we have been working in developing local solutions by listening to our users to make sure we fully understand what our customers want. It allows us to offer exactly what our clients need by respecting the differences of each individual user.”

In addition to a good understanding of existing consumer habits, payments companies that want to expand into Asia, Africa, and Latin America should build relationships with someone who “has the expertise in these regions and a network of local payments providers, as these markets can be complex and difficult to understand at first”, Lijtenstein advises.

Leading the Issue 19 of the SBC Leaders Magazine is Betsson AB CEO Pontus Lindwall. In his frontpage interview, Lindwall draws attention to how the internet has contributed to the betting and gaming industry becoming increasingly viewed as a form of entertainment.

He also goes on to point out the ups and downs of his career in the sector and what it takes to build up a company such as Betsson to be one of the industry’s frontrunners.

In a relevant fashion, the magazine went on to ask industry figureheads how will the metaverse change the gaming industry which has so far predominantly existed in the physical space.  

Final words in the latest SBC Leaders Magazine issue are from Enrico Bradamante, Founder and Chairman of the IGEN trade association, who shares his excitement for the upcoming CasinoBeats Summit Malta and describes the island as the “place to be” for gaming companies.

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