Data intermediary platform Adatree has announced a new partnership with Personetics, aimed at providing an “all-in-one solution” for financial data intelligence. 

By integrating Personetics real-time artificial intelligence (AI), Adatree is enabled to offer its clients advanced data insights and value-add services to serve their customers more effectively. 

Adatree offers its services to an array of businesses. From banks to ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ (BNPL) companies, the Australian based tech company allows its clients to access consumer banking data to improve their product services. 

Jill Berry, CEO and Co-Founder of Adatree, said: “We know that data is extremely valuable in businesses for better understanding and serving customers with a tailored solution. However, it is no longer enough to simply provide them with access to raw data. Companies now expect data to be categorised and packaged up with insights and advice.

“As a data intermediary, our partnership with Personetics allows us to provide a combination of categorised data and insights to help businesses better understand their customers and leverage data. 

“Our customers can pick and choose the capabilities they need, and it is all accessible through one API. This decreases the time, cost and effort of bringing their customer propositions to life.”

Israeli based fintech Personetics is home to more than 80 banks across 30 different markets and serves more than 120 million customers. Personectics uses its AI technology to help track customer spending habits, set budgets, and learn financial habits. 

“The team at Adatree have built a world-class Open Banking solution, and we’re really pleased to be collaborating with them to offer their customers our advanced data-driven personalisation and Open Finance solutions,” stated Mandeep Sandhu, Australia Country Manager for Personetics. 

“By collaborating with Adatree, we can help financial institutions take full advantage of our advanced financial data analytics tools and capabilities.”

Sandhu added: “Data-driven personalisation and customer engagement is a strategic priority for all financial institutions, incumbent and challenger. We are seeing strong support for our vision of self-driving finance while quickly expanding our global footprint. We are excited to collaborate with Adatree to offer powerful data analytics capabilities that drive business impact.”

In addition, Adatree and Personetics will also combine its mutual clients to provide visibility of customers’ carbon footprint. With Personetics having recently launched its Carbon Footprint Tracking data, Adatree clients will be able to reduce their carbon impact while benefiting from an overall improved  management system.