Fintech Bottomline has announced that proprietary solution Bottomline PTX will be used by Hargreaves Lansdown.

The investment platform is partnering with Bottomline in a bid to expedite its ‘cloud-first’ payments adoption – part of Hargreaves Lansdown’s digital transformation strategy.

David Espley, Chief Technology Officer at Hargreaves Lansdown, commented: “As the UK’s number one investment platform for private investors, Bottomline’s payment system is an important part of our investment into our digital backbone, which gives us access to infinite scale by harnessing the power of the cloud.”

Utilising the Bottomline PTX offering, Hargreaves Lansdown will be able to integrate crucial cloud-based functionalities such as Open Banking. Security operations are also expected to be bolstered, as PTX will allow for direct transactions between clients and Hargreaves Lansdown, all while ensuring full regulation compliance.

Espley added: “It was important for us to choose a safe, secure, and trusted payment provider, and following a full RFP, we took the decision to continue our relationship with Bottomline and migrate to their new PTX solution.

“The Bottomline solution also gives us the option to continue to develop our offering in future, as we see things like Open Banking develop.”

Paul Fannon, Managing Director of Global Business Solutions at Bottomline, concluded: “Creating delight means that Bottomline connects its customers with their customers smartly, simply and securely across the life of payments and cash.

“We deliver that by innovating our payments solutions to include functionality such as Open Banking, Confirmation of Payee (CoP) fraud prevention measures, Request to Pay, and Enhanced Data, making the exchange of money easy.”