Salesforce app FinDock has partnered with payment solutions platform GoCardless to offer alternative new methods of payments. 

The collaboration enables FinDock users to switch to GoCardless’ during their transaction period. As well as making the user’s payment journey more flexible, merchants will also benefit from GoCardless’ integrated technology. 

Businesses can collect one-off payments and recurring payments directly from its customers’ bank accounts. 

“We’re on a mission to take the pain out of getting paid, and we’re proud to partner with FinDock which unlocks Salesforce for end-to-end payments management. Now, users can further realise the benefits of FinDock, with added automation and cost efficiencies,” states Karl Stjernstrom, Head of Global Enterprise Partnerships at GoCardless.

“As we continue to combine our global bank debit network with open banking technology, Salesforce customers will be among the first to access the latest account-to-account solutions via FinDock, those that let payments flow freely, without cards, expiration dates or extra costs.”

Furthermore, businesses’ direct debit mandate management, compliance notifications and collections can all be automated to make firms’ complex issues less complicated. 

GoCardless’ use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data allows easier access for firms to deliver more personalised and efficient customer payments. 

Stefan van der Knaap, Head of Product at FinDock, commented: “FinDock is continuously looking at trends to understand market needs and extend FinDock to better serve our customers.

“With FinDock and GoCardless, users benefit from automated end-to-end direct debit and instant payment management, available out-of-the-box across 30+ markets, with FinDock bringing this right to the heart of Salesforce.”

This partnership of open banking and instant payments is designed in the hope to craft sophisticated payment strategies, optimising for conversion, cost, fraud protection and more.