London-based NFT sports and entertainment agency, Capital Block, has announced a new collaboration with Polish League football champions Legia Warsaw.

The agency looks to build a more prominent digital presence for the club, giving club supporters the opportunity to engage with the team through non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Capital Block has stated that it will introduce new NFT strategies, increase fan understanding of the NFT concept and how it brings club and supporter value, nurture Legia Warsaw’s NFT community, and advise which platforms and marketplaces are most suitable for building relationships with.   

Tim Mangnall, CEO of Capital Block, commented: “We are thrilled to be working with Legia Warsaw and enabling its fans to get even closer to the club they love through NFTs. Legia has recognised the need for a long-term, well thought-out NFT strategy to build an engaged community of passionate football fans.

“We’ll now get working on NFTs that mark and represent some of the most iconic players and moments in the club’s history, as well as ensuring that Legia NFTs have utility to its fans – that these NFTs help them get closer to their club.”

Furthermore, the tokens can offer added utility such as behind-the-scenes access, enabling supporters to experience first-hand the ‘inside-outs’ of football teams.

The firm also shared that it believes NFTs are significantly overlooked by football teams and all sports teams in Europe in general, which could be attributed to the lack of understanding of how to navigate the NFT landscape together with the failure to recognise how the concept can be relevant to fans.

“This should be a watershed moment in European football. Legia Warsaw is the first and currently only European club with an official NFT agency: every other football club on the continent is now behind the Polish league champions,” added Mangnall.

“NFTs have the potential to be the most powerful fan engagement tool available to sports clubs. Every club around the world needs to have a NFT strategy in place for the long term and we look forward to helping many of these clubs and teams connect with their fans through NFTS.”

Moreover, Paweł Kokosza, Legia Warsaw Commercial Director, suggested that the collaboration will ‘further unlock the potential’ of the sports brand. 

He concluded: “For us, it is once again a pioneering step in our commercial development and as we explore and commit to new areas of modern business.”