Dapper Labs collaboration enables UFC to expand into NFTs

Dapper Labs has partnered with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to release a NFT collectible product to allow fans to virtually own key fight moments.

After having previously created NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day, Dapper Labs is now set to launch an initial open drop of 200,000 packs from 23 January, in a first deal of its kind for the company.

It’s a move that further strengthens the links between sports and the blockchain, as some of the leading organisations explore NFTs as an alternative sponsorship and revenue avenue. 

Caty Tedman, Head of Partnerships at Dapper Labs, commented: “Dapper Labs has accelerated the move to Web3 by building new apps and platforms that enable great user experiences for millions of fans. 

“Partnering with UFC, one of the fastest growing sports in the world, with a global fan base of more than 625 million people, is the next step to bringing even more into experiencing the benefits of decentralisation while also delivering a meaningful experience for die-hard UFC fans to collect and own the moments that matter to them.”

The mixed martial arts organisation has stated that these NFT Moments will include ‘the best action shots from multiple camera angles, announcer commentary and crowd response from actual fights’ in a first for Dapper Labs, aiming to bring the experience to life for fans. 

Moreso, it will also involve additional features like a peer-to-peer marketplace for fans to connect, buy, and sell their moments.

“Dapper Labs is an innovator in this field, creating an industry that didn’t exist a few years ago,” added UFC Senior Vice President of Global Consumer Products Tracey Bleczinski

“Their vision for the potential of these products is the reason UFC chose Dapper Labs as its first NFT partner.  We’re thrilled to finally be able to offer these amazing digital collectibles to enrich the UFC experience for our fans.”

In accessing the collection, the UFC website has made available a queue to buy packs at $50.00 USD, whilst the experience will also include additional drops in line with the event calendar. 

In a further expansion in sports, in 2021 the company also partnered with Fantastec Sports Technology to launch a new football NFT market.

This expansion saw the likes of Arsenal, Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund feature, as the firm aimed to maximise fan engagement with popular sides on a global scale.