OKX & Manchester City launch NFTs of limited edition shirts

credit: OKX/Manchester City
credit: OKX/Manchester City

Cryptocurrency exchange OKX has minted NFTs for limited edition Manchester City shirts in a new campaign. 

From the 22-25 April, the commemorative football shirts can be redeemed for exclusive prizes on the OKX app which begins with its first initial release, ‘The Rose and the Bees’ shirt. 

The shirt design displays the red roses of Lancashire and the worker bees of Manchester across the traditional light blue shirt of Manchester City. Designed by artist Christian Jeffrey, the shirt is a homage to the hard-working nature of those who live in Manchester. 

The limited edition NFT shirt has a varying rarity level, classic, rare or ultra rare. Each rarity affords fans different prizes, such as a limited edition physical edition of the shirt, hospitality tickets to Manchester City games, and a play-on-pitch experience. 

OKX Chief Marketing Officer, Haider Rafique, said: “As an official partner of Manchester City since 2022, we want to capture the imagination and incite the passions of the club’s global fans, many of whom are curious about the value that Web3 can bring to their lives.

“The ‘Unseen City Shirts’ campaign allows us to engage them in an authentic way that is true to OKX’s values, taking something familiar and reimagining it with the help of creativity, technology and innovation.” 

A second digital collectible shirt featuring another unique design and more prizes to be won, will launch on 29 April.

credit: OKX/Manchester City

OKX became the Premier League champions’ official cryptocurrency sponsor in March 2022 and have since gone on to curate several campaigns and activations powered by Web3 and blockchain. 

The two parties explored the metaverse with immersive fan experiences featuring Manchester City players Rúben Dias and Jack Grealish, bridging the gap between physical and virtual worlds and creating new fan engagement opportunities. 

OKX has since gone on to become the club’s official sleeve sponsor for the 2023/24 season and aim to continue to collaborate on new and innovative means to elevate the fan experience. 

City Football Group’s Chief Marketing & Fan Experience Officer, Nuria Tarré, added: “Manchester City are continually exploring new and unique ways to engage with our global fanbase and aim to be at the forefront of the use of emerging technology to enhance fan experience. 

“The metaverse and Web3 are part of our innovative technology strategy and provide an exciting opportunity as we continue to offer touchpoints for fans in this emerging space, with digital collectible drops and metaverse-based experiences launched in recent years by the club. 

“By collaborating with OKX, we continue to deliver unique, creative and innovative activations; we hope our fans enjoy this latest instalment with OKX.