Squid Games expands reach to digital currency

The growth of Korean TV series, Squid Game has expanded to digital currency as a token related to the game has experienced a rapid rise. 

The soon-to-launch “play-to-earn” cryptocurrency game is based on the Netflix hit, which won widespread plaudits across the globe. 

Enhancing engagement and further building the brand of the show, the product allows users to take part in digital games and win tokens that can be swapped for fiat or cryptocurrency.

It is thought that the theme of the game will keep with the show, obviously without the consequences, nonetheless the game can provide a home for fans of the limited series, that are looking to further elevate their fandom. 

According to CoinMarketCap, when the tokens launched on Tuesday they saw a significant price rise, from $0.012 to $6.27 by the end of the week, and are continuing to grow. 

Expert Analysis: Culture and digital currency have become significantly intertwined, therefore it’s not in the least bit surprising that Squid Games, which has been nothing short of a cultural phenomenon, has been embraced by the digital currency space.