German Transaction Monitoring software provider, Hawk AI, has formed a new partnership with a fellow German company, expense and financial platform Moss.

The partnership will see Hawk AI’s software leveraged to monitor Berlin-based Moss’ payments processes, seeking to identify transactions potentially linked to financial criminal activities, including card payments, employee expenses, and invoices.

Hawk AI also aims to reduce the overall workload for its new partner by minimising the number of false alerts, whilst also tailoring its software ‘to the needs of a fast-growing startup’. 

Additionally, the firm – which specialises in providing its services to banks, payment firms and fintechs – intends to offer an ‘instantly operational’ solution via an ‘intuitive user interface’ and ‘read-to-use’ rule sets.

“We’re thrilled to count Moss among our valued customers,” said Wolfgang Berner, Co-founder and CPO of Hawk AI. 

“Managing AML risk in relation to business payments requires close collaboration to implement, operate and maintain the highest standards in monitoring transactions. 

“We look forward to working with Moss to ensure their payment operations and reputation are protected at all times.”

The agreement builds on another major deal signed by Hawk AI this year, having partnered with core banking platform Modularbank in March 2021. Incorporating the AML investigation company’s solution, Moneybank intends to offer its customers real-time transaction Monitoring and Sanction screening, leveraged via Machine Learning.

Stephan Haslebacher, Co-founder of Moss: “Hawk AI’s system has been instrumental in supporting the AML compliance side of our business.

“The business customers we serve expect the highest level of Compliance. Hawk AI allows us to be the trusted partner we need to be.”