Crucial Compliance unites with The FRC for enhanced verification tech


Crucial Compliance has announced a new collaboration with The Face Recognition Company (FRC) to strengthen the responsible gaming controls that it offers to retail gambling operators. 

The collaboration will build on the latest developments by FRC, which are a proprietary facial recognition solution that recognises individuals of interest in real-time and raises alerts. 

Multi-view cameras capture individual faces that are subjected to facial recognition analysis, which works even when facemasks are worn and in the low light conditions typically found in casinos and retail premises.

Paul Foster at Crucial Compliance, said: “The Face Recognition Company is at the cutting-edge of face recognition technology and we are delighted to integrate their solution into our compliance and BI platforms, allowing operators to take integrated player protection to the next level. 

“Online operators have a data rich environment and retail often has a disconnect to those incremental controls like our Advanced Markers of Harm and RG tools. This solution means that people who wish to curtail their gaming can do so, regardless of the environment.” 

Facial data is converted to a digital signature and compared with the watchlist face signatures of that operator. If there is a match, an alert is immediately sent to the operator’s retail manager via a mobile app. There are many use-cases for the gambling industry, ranging from self-exclusion notifications, through to transaction limit notifications and potentially late night play alerts.

Tim Noest, CEO of The Face Recognition Company, added on the deal: “We are delighted to have partnered with Crucial Compliance – responsible gambling rightly remains a key focus for the entire industry and our solution allows retail operators to add another layer of protection around players that have self-excluded.

“Our ultra-accurate face recognition solution is an ideal fit for the gambling sector, and can also help operators identify any other individuals they wish to be made aware about, when entering a betting shop or casino. We provide an end-to-end solution to companies operating in this sector, which can be integrated across their entire retail estate.”