Neosurf gets 90% positive feedback from Client Relationship Team


Alternative payment specialist Neosurf has underlined the importance of client collaboration after reporting consistent customer feedback. 

Through the formation of a dedicated Client Relationship Team, it has strengthened its relationship with partners and merchants – reporting 90% market satisfaction.

The expansion of their offering came after feedback from users of other payment systems, and potential clients, which had underlined the sector needed deeper customer attention. 

Neosurf Chief Commercial Officer Andrea McGeachin commented: “In an industry sector where client promoter scores frequently prove to be unacceptably low, Neosurf has unashamedly put merchant satisfaction firmly at the heart of the Neosurf proposition. Our approach is not only the right one for merchants, but is one that also makes our business more efficient and optimises client loyalty.”

Neosurf’s new model works with an extensive list of partners, analysing each enquiry ‘ticket’ raised, initially prioritising responses so that a quarter of them are resolved within five hours and two thirds within a maximum of seven days.

Apcopay, one of the firm’s partners, reported that the number of ‘tickets’ raised has reduced by more than 50% alone in just a three-month period – a significant testament to the group’s offering. 

McGeachin recently spoke to Payment Expert about the impact the pandemic has had on trust between compliance and payments

She stated: “This has not just been a year of COVID or rules on that side of things, this has been a year of lack of trust of compliance. 

“A couple of things like WireCard issue causing people to have assumptions and working things in what they thought people having opinions including some of the regulators and I don’t mean gambling regulators alone because they talked about payments, I am talking about financial regulators here as well.

“I cannot tell you how many people I now have to have, to be filling in compliance forms none of which are standard every question is different, yet they are asking the same question. 

“I know that the operators have this directly as well and it’s just amazing the bureaucracy that is going into something that people are made to do where it could be a lot easier. 

“I’m not saying we shouldn’t have these processes at all but the way these processes are being executed is just crazy.”