Customer interaction and education can be key to identifying the most efficient onboarding experience for sports betting, according to panel members engaged in the latest SBC Webinar titled: ‘The Dice are Cast for KYC and Players Verification Compliance’. 

The timing of the webinar is significant as the user journey takes on deepened importance for gaming and betting operators, with any significant friction leading to the hindering of consumer engagement and a dropoff in completion of signups. 

Sponsored by Jumio, the webinar brought together industry experts including Andy Sacre, Head of Product at Sky Betting & Gaming, who emphasised the importance of a smooth onboarding journey and engaging customers in the process.

He stated: “When we look at making changes to our onboarding journey, at the point we make these checks, we will always try and talk to customers in like a lab session or something like that, just to understand how is the product you use. It’s so good to give the phone to somebody and tell them to go through the journey to find out how they feel about it and how intuitive it is. Customer feedback is really important and it’s important when it comes to fine-tuning. 

“The language we use is quite important as well – asking someone for a passport is quite an invasive thing to do. So explaining why we need that and how it is going to help is a real-must if you’re going to handhold the customer through that digital experience.” 

Sam Wilks, Jumio’s Senior Business Development Manager added on this point that it is also relevant ‘where in the process this is instilled in the customer journey’. 

“If I am looking to create an account and every single time I look to create the account it’s asking me for ID verification, I might not be brought into that brand and I might not have an affiliation with them as a company.

“With a bit of trust and time on the platform, however, I may be more inclined to give my ID rather than at every point of sign up.” 

Joining the pair on the Jumio sponsored webinar, Richard Bayliss, Senior Regulatory Affairs and Compliance Manager Playtech, also underlined his belief that feedback is pivotal, outlining that in the UK affordability checks will magnify this as operators are forced to undergo stricter strategies. 

“If you don’t explain the rationale for requesting this information then the chances are they’ll just refuse to provide it because it’s quite unusual still to be asked that, and part of it does come down to what level the checks take place at or whether they can be targeted based on individual activity.”

The panel went on to analyse how the threat of fraud has evolved and what are the best ways for operate.

Sacre stated: “The traditional KYC stuff and checking credit headers and electoral rolls and all that is fairly straightforward now and obviously if you’re a sophisticated fraudster you can get past that. So there’s really not a substitute for just having someone verify themselves by having a valid up to date document, I think it’s such a great way of catching potential fraudsters.”