Entain enhances social responsibility focus with new affordability model

Entain has strengthened its focus on social responsibility with the deployment of a ‘new affordability model’ across its UK brand portfolio. 

At a time when customer responsibility takes on heightened importance following the tough economic circumstances of the pandemic, the model aims to detect customers at ‘greatest risk of potential financial harm’. 

Having been in formation for the past year, the model and strategy of Entain is to ensure early intervention from its customer care teams. 

Peter Marcus, Group Operations Director at Entain, who is leading the ARC initiative commented: “We have been working on player affordability concepts for the past 18 months as part of our ARC affordability programme.

“This aims to identify relevant limits at the right time to protect customers whom our technology has identified as being vulnerable, or particularly at risk.”

The ‘new affordability model’ coincides with heightened regulatory debate on how best to protect those at risk without limiting the enjoyment of the vast majority.

Addressing industry leadership, Tim Miller, Executive Director of Policy development for the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), stated that licensed operators had to fundamentally improve their mechanics with regards to measuring and intervening on affordability.

Backing its ARC model, Entain stated that tests had shown that interactions with targeted customers and the utilization of  betting and gaming tools had reduced their staking and depositing limits by around 55%.

Jette Nygaard-Andersen, chief executive of Entain added: “We firmly believe that a more personalised, individual approach to player protection is the way forward which is why, for the most vulnerable customers, we have taken action as soon as we can. 

“We are deeply committed to giving every customer the best experiences and protection we can, tailored to their particular needs.”