Consultancy expert David Clifton shared how prominent he thinks affordability will be in the upcoming Gambling Act review.  

Interviewed at Betting on Sports Europe, the Director of gambling group Clifton Davies Consultancy exhibited a high level of confidence that the topic of affordability will take prevalence with the new government in charge of the white paper.

In relation to choosing what the best approach towards affordability should look like, Clifton underlined that data will most likely take the central stage of discussions, as efficient data usage is vital for identifying behaviours and financial circumstances.  

Clifton also called for certainty, citing rumours about potential affordability limits and how it could lay the seeds for privacy concerns among consumers.

Recently writing for SBC, Clifton expressed these concerns by saying: “The need for greater clarity from the Commission is reinforced yet further now that a leak from ‘well-placed sources’ of key proposals within the first draft of the White Paper (including in relation to affordability checks) has been publicised. 

“That should be even more of a priority with the updated customer interaction guidance for remote operators coming into force as soon as 12 September, as mentioned above, although (as I have previously advised) affected operating licence holders should most certainly not wait until then before taking that new guidance into account.”