MultiPay Global Solutions is aiming to evolve the payments industry through its all-in-one agnostics payment solution.

The solution combines a unique API that acts as a single point of integration between any payment method and any acquirer in any country. 

Delia Pedersoli, COO at MultiPay Global Solutions, commented: “As the retail, hospitality, travel, and tourism sectors begin to reopen, payments are going to be at the forefront of the customer experience. Being able to take any payment, anywhere will allow businesses to operate much more efficiently, as the same terminal and webpage can be used regardless of the transaction being made. 

“Off the shelf payment solutions simply don’t meet the new requirements of large merchants and their customers. We’ve built MultiPay to provide a premium, couture payment technology and integration that is built around our customers’ bespoke requirements.”

MultiPay’s entry to the market comes as the COVID-19 pandemic is further growing the divide between in-store and on-line payment experiences. Over this time, e-commerce in the UK has grown 46%, leading to consumers becoming accustomed to a seamless on-line payment experience. 

At the same time, due to lockdowns, physical in-store, bars, and restaurant payments have largely remained frozen in time. This has increased the disparity between the two and risks creating friction with customers who now demand payment to be quick and seamless, regardless of their chosen method.

David Maisey, CEO at MultiPay Global Solutions, added: “It is really exciting to be launching MultiPay and helping large merchants expand and scale into new countries and markets following the pandemic.

“We have a very talented team that understands every customer has a unique payment proposition and needs a service tailored specifically for them, creating a genuine couture experience. Technology runs through our company. In fact, 65% of our workforce are from a technology background, which helps us with continually innovating MultiPay’s solution. This expertise, combined with our agile mindset allows our team to make things happen – fast.”