VibePay unites AISP and PISP to bolster open banking tech

VibePay has confirmed it is bringing together AISP and PISP, leveraging its ability to practically apply Open Banking technology and deliver it to consumers. 

As part of the growth, VibePay users can now connect all of their bank accounts to the app, giving them the power to view all of their balances and transactions and make payments in one place, regardless of who they bank with.

Luke Massie, CEO of VibePay, said: “For the first time on the app we are making use of AISP and bringing this technology alongside our payments functionality. This is a significant step on our mission to drive the adoption of Open Banking and an example of how our work is bringing this technology to life, whilst delivering tangible benefits to consumers. We want to be the go-to brand for consumers; they come to us and get all of the information they need on their finances.”

“We’ve seen China and the US lead the way with WeChat and CashApp, yet consumers in Europe are still using outdated methods of logging into multiple accounts to view balances and make transactions. We have been crying out for similar super apps which extend into our everyday lives;  VibePay is Europe’s answer to this.”