Fortis Payment Systems, the specialists in payment technologies to businesses and developers, has accelerated its growth with the acquisition of Swype at Work. 

The firm has also entered into a new long-term collaboration with Net at Work, an affiliate company of Swype.

Expanding to new B2B markets is at the heart of the acquisition for FortisPay, as it capitalises on its expertise in the US ecommerce market. 

Jimmy Nafso, FortisPay’s CEO, commented: “Today’s announcement signals our further commitment to providing businesses, developers, and VARs with flexible payment solutions that are tailored to the way they work. 

“The Swype acquisition is as equally important as the partnership with Net at Work. Net at Work has the industry’s most respected team of ERP and e-commerce specialists and will help us extend our value proposition to new markets.”

FortisPay’s Zeamster commerce platform seeks to enable developers and business technology integrators to deliver efficient and engaging experiences. 

“This is a particularly exciting development for Net at Work and our customers. FortisPay is the preeminent payment company in the SMB space serving all types of middle-market companies, they understand partner enablement and are a perfect complement to our broad ERP and e-commerce expertise,” said Alex Solomon, Net at Work’s Co-President. 

“Partnering with FortisPay gives our customers the benefit of their 20 years of payment experience and their customers the benefit of our extensive ERP and e-commerce expertise, allowing both to unleash the power of their business.”

Expert Analysis: The theme of mergers and acquisitions in the payment sector has continued into 2021, Fortis’ approach in terms of utilising acquisitions to bolster expansions is a shrewd one as the firm leverages experience and skillsets for growth.