Mobile commerce tech firm, Button has increased its focus on personalisation, through the launch of Drop, the app that provides rewards to millions of millennials. 

Button’s Personalisation API that is part of Button’s continued growth, with it launchin the affiliate industry’s first suite of personalization and intelligence products designed to move this industry forward. 

Drop is seeking to set the stage for marketers to have a better understanding of the impact of their spend and drive a higher return on investment. 

Derrick Fung, Co-Founder and CEO of Drop commented: “Millions of smart shoppers come to Drop to look for ways to earn rewards and level-up their shopping experience. 

“Button enables Drop to personalise that experience for our users and provide them with more delightful shopping journeys. We look forward to reaching new heights in our partnership with Button to help our app remain sticky, relatable, and useful to our users.” 

The firm is also aiming to boost the change in the affiliate channel as a mobile innovator by giving marketers a sophisticated new way to tap into users and increase sales efficiency. 

Through Drop’s integration with Button’s Personalisation API, brands in Drop’s rewards program are able to target unique audiences to offer them more tailored rewards and optimise these offers in real-time—capabilities that were never before available to marketers in the affiliate channel until today. 

Michael Jaconi, Co-Founder and CEO of Button added: “Drop approached Button wanting to create the best rewarded shopping experience for its users.

“Today, Drop is delivering on that promise to shoppers and paving the way for other companies building commerce-first strategies—showing how much more value can be created through smarter, targeted spending enabled by Button’s technology. Together with innovators like Drop, we look forward to driving an evolution in the partnership and affiliate channel, as well as making commerce the model more companies turn to in the future.”