Razer Fintech unites with Perx Tech to deepen customer engagement

In a bid to elevate consumer engagement, the fintech arm of the global youth lifestyle and gaming brand, Razer has linked with Singapore based Lifestyle Marketing SaaS (Software as a Service) Platform, Perx Technologies. 

The newly formed collaboration seeks to ‘redefine mobile-first customer engagement in the financial services industry’. Whilst also enabling Razer Fintech to redefine the banking experience for users, especially youth and millennials, in its path to building the world’s first Youth Bank.

Commenting on the partnership, Anna Gong, CEO, Perx Technologies, emphasised: “With the world’s commerce heavily dictated by the consumer’s smartphone, it’s becoming increasingly harder for brands to shift from building transient and transactional to long-standing meaningful relationships with consumers. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Razer Fintech in enabling them to reinvent banking traditions and to back their ambitious goal of building the world’s first youth bank.”

The collaboration will allow the technology firm to leverage Razer’s global following amongst the gaming and youth communities, with the new user experience appealing to digital-natives, whereas data-led attributes related to lifestyle, preferences and goals play a vital role in the wider customer engagement strategy. 

As a digital-native and mobile-first fintech company, quick time-to-market and scalability for rapid growth globally is a must for Razer Fintech. The Perx platform’s highly scalable API based architecture will enable Razer Fintech to implement and manage both technical and customer engagement related changes quickly and smoothly.

Eduard Fabian, Chief Technology Officer at Razer Fintech, added: “Continuously engaging our customers through regional and global challenges have played a key role in the strong following Razer enjoys globally. 

“We are happy to support Perx, a homegrown startup and we look forward to expanding the Perx platform regionally and globally as we continue to grow our business in new geographies. This strategic partnership with Perx will enable us to deliver the same world-class experience millions of Razer customers are used to, in an industry like banking that beckons to be redefined.”

Expert Analysis: Through the concept of gamification and its integration into banking, this partnership is well-positioned to elevate engagement amongst a new audience as the pair bring together both of their most sought after qualities.