Emburse unites with Mastercard to streamline Amazon Business

Due to a new integrated solution for Mastercard corporate cardholders, Emburse has announced a new account payable automation solutions as a new benefit for Amazon Business customers. 

Amazon Business seeks to marry together the selection, convenience and value for customers, with new features and unique benefits tailored to the needs of businesses. 

Mastercard corporate cardholders can now benefit from automated receipt generation and an itemization of their expenses within their Emburse expense automation solution.

Eric Friedrichsen, CEO of Emburse commented: “We are proud to help business customers streamline the expense process. Outside of travel bookings, Amazon is one of the most commonly expensed merchants that we see. 

“Many of our customers are using Amazon Business for their business purchases and are looking for a solution that automates the expense process. This integration takes what was previously a time-consuming and manual task and makes it happen at the touch of a button.”

Amazon Business customers previously had to upload purchase e-receipts into their expense solution and, if their employer required line-item breakdowns of purchases, manually create an expense item for each product. 

James Anderson, Executive Vice President of Global Commercial Products, Mastercard added: “Business-to-business payments are changing, to work harder and smarter, and capitalize on the accelerating shift to the digital economy. Mastercard is modernizing the business payment ecosystem to provide greater control, automation and efficiencies. 

“Emburse’s solution is innovative technology supporting this digital shift, helping create smarter business payment options for a businesses’ purchasing and expense management.”

E-receipts then needed to be reconciled with corporate credit cards. Leveraging merchant Level 3 card transaction data eliminates the need for Amazon Business customers to manually submit their receipt to their expense management solution, following the purchase click on the Amazon Business site.

The integrated solution automatically renders e-receipts directly in the customer’s receipt wallet within the expense solution. Once in the receipt wallet, each transaction is automatically parsed into individual line items and categorized based on the customer’s purchasing history and company policies. This eliminates the need for customers to manually enter each product as a single expense, and provides much greater line-item clarity for administrators to ensure spend is compliant.