Mezu boosts donation efficiency with new fundraising feature

Mezu, the privacy-focused payment app, has boosted social responsibility with the launch of its “Shoot a Flare” fundraising feature.

With the new Mezu “Flare”, users are now able to set up and share a personalised fundraising campaign with anyone on the Mezu platform. The Flare feature comes with a built-in capability to share easily with friends and family via text message, email, or social media channels.

Whether for personal reasons, raising money for causes, or to help small businesses during these challenging times, all transactions are encrypted and can be made anonymously to keep both the sender and recipient’s private information safe. 

Yuval Brisker, CEO of Mezu emphasised: “During these challenging times we’ve seen a dramatic growth of people in need and alongside a surge in generosity and people wanting to donate money to help struggling small individuals, businesses, and nonprofits. 

“In a time of so much strife and uncertainty, we wanted to provide our users with a way to easily gather, receive and store money from the community—whether it be on a local or national scale. We created the Flare so people can easily crowdfund from their network without having to pay any fees.” 

The firm’s Flare capability offers a different option from crowdfunding platforms that are used for fundraising, as there are zero fees for either the sender or the recipient. 

Similarly, Mezu provides users access to their raised funds immediately, with absolutely no wait time or charge to transfer your money to an external bank account. 

The app maximises multiple ways to send and receive money, with The MoneyBox: An Encrypted, Virtual Deposit Box, The Cash Code: A one-time, self-destructing location-based transaction code.

The Mezu app is unique among peer to peer payment apps in that it allows people to pay each other and get paid without having to share their name, email address or phone number or any other personal information.