Thales launches new digital government identity wallet

Supplier of data protection and cyber security solutions Thales has rolled out its new ‘Gemalto Digital ID Wallet’ that enables governments to issue digital versions of official documents.

Through the wallet identity cards, health cards and drivers licenses will be made available to all citizens on their smartphones for personal proof. 

Thales state its solution uses “multi-layered security techniques and sophisticated encryption” in order to keep consumers personal data protected. It also offers users “complete control” over what information they choose to share, with whom, and when.

“Governments and citizens worldwide are fast-recognising the multi-dimensional benefits delivered by digitalisation of official documents, as a companion to physical documents,” commented Frédéric Trojani, SVP identity and biometric solutions, Thales.

The digital ID wallet also incorporates online authentication purposes, enabling users to access a range of eservices such as completing online tax returns and welfare claims.

Furthermore, Thales predict its wallet will create a “dynamic communication channel between issuer and user” and hope to streamline government issued processes whilst further enhancing identity/fraud protection.

Trojani concluded: “The Digital ID Wallet creates a future-proof, citizen-centric ecosystem in which this identity revolution can flourish, meeting the needs of verification and authentication across the physical and online worlds, and leveraging the one item we are most likely to keep within easy reach – our smartphones.”