Payment Expert spoke with Manuel Prieto, CEO of Easy Payment Gateway, to find out what the main challenges are that face the payments sector in 2020. Prieto explained that EPG plans to roll out Artificial Intelligence technology across its platform, which is hoped to streamline the payments process.

What tools does Easy Payment Gateway offer which makes the customer payment process more efficient?

The faster and easier payment for the customer, the more likely the business is to close the transaction. In addition, in the gambling sector, customers are often very recurring, so it is essential to provide good experience and loyalty to these users. 

Therefore, from Easy Payment Gateway we offer companies a number of different solutions to avoid losing customers due to the unagile and tedious payment processes. 

One of the most effective solutions is The White Lists, which saves the customers that the business chooses  – for example, those more frequent or those operations that do not present a priori signs of fraud – can go through the verification process and can go directly to payment, thus providing a better user experience.

In a sector as internationalised as online gaming, how can payment be guaranteed anywhere on the planet?

Easy Payment Gateway is a company that works worldwide with different companies. Our platform has 240 payment methods, fraud management, KYC, etc. enabled – of which 190 are alternative – covering 35 bank card processors worldwide. 

This means that there are more opportunities for the potential customer to find the payment method that best suits their personal tastes and needs, and therefore more likely to stay on the website and complete their purchase.

What generates the most distrust in the customer when it comes to paying?

It is very important to articulate a process that is agile and intuitive to try not to generate distrust of the user. One thing that potential customers typically worry about when paying via online platforms is that they have to go browsing through different windows. 

This in particular can cause some suspicion on your part to think that you are not on the same website as where you started the transaction, which can sometimes result in a customer abandoning the purchase process.

To what extent does Easy Payment Gateway improve the checkout process?

Currently, we are at a time when the permanent availability of these platforms, accessible from any mobile device, makes the user enjoy an unbeatable gaming experience at any time of the day and from anywhere. 

However, we are also at a point where market saturation only allows us to gain market share and, therefore, we need to go one step further. This is where Easy Payment Gateway comes in, which, thanks to its unique technology, allows companies to review and optimize the payment process, which right now is a key element in retention of both customers and their loyalty

What are Easy Payment Gateway’s plans for 2020?

Today, we are at a time of growth. We have plans to implement artificial intelligence across our systems. We want our platform to be able to do everything it does on its own: create flows, improve conversion rates and prevent fraud. All automatically. 

The initial idea behind Easy Payment Gateway has always been to facilitate payments and prevent fraud for any company. We already do that. Now we hope to take it a step further, which is to make this technology fully autonomous to make the payment process even easier.

What are the main challenges facing the sector at the minute?

The gaming industry is a highly internationalised industry. Online gaming platforms can be accessed from any device anywhere in the world. 

Therefore, one of the challenges is to face this internationalisation and get ahead with measures that satisfy all potential customers. In addition, there are more and more legal obstacles to this industry and you have to know how to differentiate yourself with small details to get loyalty to the user. 

In both cases, the payment process is a challenge. We must offer all the possibilities available to the consumer so as not to lose that transaction and continue to grow their market share.