Beyza Orazova (business development manager, DIMOCO Carrier Billing) believes it is “very important” for payment service providers in the gambling industry to “take the initiative” when faced with compliance or regulation challenges.

Speaking at Betting on Sports, Orazova empathised with operators due the numerous tasks they face to stay competitive and she believes firms such as DIMOCO should “take responsibility” to ensure all parties are progressing. 

She elaborated: “As a gambling operator you have so many things to take care of such as compliance, legislation, user journey, registration, KYC.

“I really believe we have to step in and make sure that we comply with all the regulations on our part to make sure we’re adding real value, making it easier for the gambling operator to work in this space and have an easier process whenever new legislation comes in.”

Orazova continued by addressing the “saturation” of the payments-gambling industry and explained that any innovation that takes place now must impact the customer directly.

This customer-centric focus in collaboration with a “seamless journey” will bring the most benefits.

“The current generation is very used products such as Apple Watch where you can make a transactions instantly,” added Orazova.

“This is something we prioritise as well and with the introduction of PSD2, strong customer authentication there are a lot of challenges but it is our responsibility to keep up with these regulations so that the journey stays clear and smooth.”

With the introduction of PSD2, Orazova believes most firms were adequately prepared but made clear that strong customer authentication (SCA) in particular has been “a long time in the making.”

She concluded: “I think most people in the payments space are fully prepared for it. For example, with our carrier billing product we have considered the new regulations and the solution will continue to operate smoothly in one-click.”