Mazooma launches streamlined igaming payment solution

Payments technology provider Mazooma has announced the availability of its new one-click solution, eCheck Select Xpress.

Xpress acts as a feature of the eCheck Select ACH payment product, Mazooma’s direct deposit solution that enables punters to put funds directly into their account from any financial institution in the US.

“eCheck Select Xpress deposits are a win for players and operators alike,” explained Mazooma CEO Justin Ferrabee.

“Increased conversions result from an optimised deposit experience, especially on mobile and in-app, that gives customers a seamless, single-click deposit option.”

With real-time ability to obtain and verify bank-level data, such as consumer identification, account information, and balance, the solution aims to protect both customers and operators in igaming and sports betting transactions.

Customers who return to Xpress can skip the standard eCheck Select transaction flow, including online banking login, to complete their deposit without leaving the merchant’s cashier or in-game betting environment – aimed at boosting user experience. 

Ferrabee explained: “Xpress means that customers simply confirm that they want to use the same bank account they’ve previously used and they’re done, without ever leaving the merchant’s site!”