Ipsidy lands Peruvian national ID registry agreement

Identity as a Service (IDaaS) platform provider Ipsidy has announced a new agreement with Peruvian national identity (ID) registry RENIEC.

RENIEC manages all national identities and issues electronic national ID cards; Ipsidy’s ‘Proof’ solution will be utilised to validate the authenticity of Peruvian national ID cards.

Once connected to Ipsidy’s platform, Peruvian nationals will upload the necessary information to the Ipsidy app on a smartphone before being ran through its Proof service. 

Ipsidy will then be able to provide Peruvian businesses the ability to remotely gather national ID documentation securely.

“The Agreement with RENIEC marks an important milestone in our IdaaS platform development,” commented Philip Beck, CEO, Ipsidy.

“This represents the first implementation in our plan to connect to national registries around the world to provide our customers with government-backed certainty as to the authenticity of identity credentials.  

“Everything starts with trusted identity, and validation by the government that issues a document provides the highest level of trust for our clients.”  

Under the agreement, Ipsidy will be able to connect its IDaaS platform to RENIEC, enabling Peruvians to submit facial biometric and national ID card data for validation against RENIEC’s own national identity records.

Proof by Ipsidy can also ensure that the rightful owner of the ID card is present at the time of a transaction, by submitting the owner’s selfie captured by the Ipsidy app in real-time to be matched against the biometric ID credentials of those citizens in the Peruvian government’s official records.  

As a member of the Ipsidy Partner Network and an authorised reseller, Mobile Solutions Peru (MSP) will offer Ipsidy’s suite of biometric identity solutions to potential clients in the Peruvian, Chilean and Argentinian markets.