equensWorldline releases first browser-based SCA solution

equensWorldline, a subsidiary of payments and transactional service providers Worldline has introduced its first browser-based strong customer authentication (SCA) solution to the market.

Claimed to be a first, the browser-based solution is now able to support banks and financial institutions with customers who are unable to access or wish not to operate on a mobile device.

Wolf Kunisch, Chief Business Division Officer at equensWorldline commented: “As a leading player in the payments industry, we enable our clients to meet the continuously developing market demands and requirements. 

“The mobile solution is tending to be deployed more and more in digitalised populations.”

Dubbed WL Trusted Authentication, the solution is available across Europe for both mobile applications and web browsers and is already deployed in banks with more than 120 million transactions per year utilising the solution.

equensWorldline believes the key distinguisher behind its “innovative” solution is that enables banks to provide SCA processes without external hardware, such as tokens.

The user enrolls his browser and can then perform strong authentication with the same kinematics as if he/she just entered credentials to access his online bank. 

In this browser-based solution the same security measures have been applied as on mobile phones.

“This new browser solution is an inevitable complement to the mobile channel, both for populations not equipped with smartphones (or as bypass solution, in the event of a telephone failure),” continued Kunisch.

“What’s more, with the next version of this module, using the WebAuthn API defined by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), it will be possible to offer biometric control also on the browser, and thus offer the same authentication factors that currently exist on the mobile application.”