PayPal sets tougher conditions on German gambling transactions

PayPal has disclosed plans to impose stricter online gambling transactions within Germany, adhering to current Bundestag regulatory frameworks and provisions governing sector incumbents. 

The firm recently adjusted its terms-&-conditions for the German market, so that products which have not been authorised by state jurisdictions will be prohibited.

Section 9.1 in the updated terms and conditions reads: “Use of the PayPal Services in connection with offers that are not legal in your respective whereabouts, including some online gambling offers. 

“If you are unsure as to whether or not a specific offer at your place of residence is legal, you must ensure that you are legal before using the PayPal Services in connection with the offer.”

PayPal’s new policy – set to be enforced 21 October 2019 –  follows Lower Saxony’s decision to block an unnamed international payment service provider.

The supplier in question was handed a blanket ban from conducting any form of business with operators offering online casino, poker and lottery betting in Germany.

Lower Saxony is aiming to put a stop to illegal gambling activity which in 2017 accounted for around 22% of the country’s €14.2bn gambling market.

Online sports betting operators in the German market were recently forced to dissociate with online casinos and other unregulated forms of gambling as the country introduces heightened compliance measures.