Payment systems solution provider ACI Worldwide has initiated a new international partnership with payments processing technology and solutions Worldpay.

Through the new collaboration, Worldpay will tap into ACI’s UP eCommerce payments solution in order to provide its global merchant network with more alternative payment methods (APMs).

Incorporating the UP eCommerce payments solution will enable Worldpay to expand the number of APMs available in different regions worldwide; Worldpay boasts acceptance of more than 300 payment methods.

“Working with a proven leader like ACI Worldwide not only enables us to offer our clients fast and seamless access to a growing number of APMs in new markets, it allows Worldpay to focus even more on developing new innovative services and technology solutions,” commented Asif Ramji, chief product and marketing officer, Worldpay. 

“As more of our merchants expand into cross-border and cross-channel trade, offering local payment types that are recognized, trusted and utilized by consumers is an increasingly important factor for business success.” 

Worldpay expect the relationship to “further deepen its commitment to innovation” with ACI’s solution being able to support APMs in 160 countries; it is built using a platform-based, open payments architecture available via a single point of integration.

“Industry research shows that offering the top three payment methods in any market, rather than only the top one, can increase merchants’ conversion rates up to 30 percent,” said Benny Tadele, vice president, merchant solutions, ACI Worldwide. 

“In Europe, this is particularly important, with a wide selection of payment preferences, including traditional cards, e-wallets and mobile wallets, online bank transfers and invoices. 

“Today, payment methods once described as nascent can quickly become mainstream, especially in a mobile-first world. UP eCommerce Payments enables Worldpay to quickly take advantage of new emerging payment trends.”