The Australian Payments Council (APC) has announced a new strategic agenda titled ‘Payments in a Global, Digital World’.

The agenda has been produced to ensure the country keeps on top of the ever developing of payment industry with a focus on the “rapidly digitalising” ecosystem. 

“The new strategic agenda acknowledges the trends towards globalisation and regionalisation of payment services. Our vision encapsulates a payments system that continues to inspire trust and confidence and to support the economy in this dynamic, global context”, commented Robert Milliner, Chairman, APC. 

It will focus on five key areas: systemic resilience, combatting financial crime, financial inclusion and accessibility, interoperability and sustainable innovation.

“Our strategic agenda builds on that work, and also represents a step change in our approach to ensuring the resilience, efficiency, accessibility and adaptability of the payments system as our world becomes increasingly globalised, digitalised and inter-connected,” said Milliner. 

APC’s 2015 Australian Payments Plan outlined the development of digital payments then how it will be developed and embedded into society.

The new agenda notes the impact of the ongoing evolution and emerging business models from entities such as social media platforms that operate globally and regionally.

Recently, Australian bank Macquarie announced a ban on all gambling and lottery transactions on its credit cards.