Mobi Direct select Worldline for Pakistani payment platform

Pakistan-based Mobi Direct, a payment system operators (PSO) and payment service provider (PSP), has contracted French payment and transactional service providers Worldline, to provide the infrastructure of its digital payment platform in Pakistan.

Upon completion of the integration and implementation, Mobi Direct will have the capability to issue and acquire transactions for its customers and the banking industry as an entity.

The platform will allow Mobi Direct to offer a variety of innovative products and solutions to the banking community, merchants/consumers, public sector enterprises and digital players.

Aarij Ali, CEO of Mobi Direct, spoke of Worldline’s “excellent track record” and that their experience and consistency lead to the “obvious choice” of hiring the company.

Ali said: “We want to take the lead in modernizing the payments infrastructure in Pakistan in order to improve efficiency and be prepared for future developments in the payments industry.

“We are pleased and proud that, by partnering with Worldline, we will be the frontrunner for the implementation of digital payments in Pakistan.”

Mobi Direct acts the first PSO/PSP to establish an Electronic Payment Gateway (EPG) authorised by the State Bank of Pakistan and aims to continue developing an ecosystem for various types of digital payments and e-commerce products in Pakistan.

The firm is targeting the unbanked population, rural economy, and the export community to help them offer and export Pakistani products to overseas markets.

Wolf Kunisch, Member of the Executive Committee at Worldline and Deputy CEO at equensWorldline, said: “Mobi Direct’s digital payments project will play a vital role in the modernization of Pakistan’s finance sector and of the country’s economy as a whole, and Worldline is proud to be part of these developments.

“This partnership is our first project in Pakistan and this market will benefit strongly from our proven and comprehensive solutions for digital payments in terms of performance, flexibility, modularity and cost effectiveness.”