Thunes expands tree planting initiative with Handprint

Two people planting a sapling.
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Thunes has pledged to plant one tree for every 5,000 transactions processed on its platform over the next two years with Handprint.

The global cross-border payments company – which teamed up with Visa to help develop international transfers – partnered with the Impact-as-a-Service company Handprint in 2022, and since then has planted over 125,000 mangrove trees, supporting climate action plans.

Through expanding the initiative, the company plans to plant one tree for every 5,000 transactions on its platform over the next two years. Thunes believes this will enable its customers and partners to make positive environmental changes through payment processing.

Dr Simon Schillebeeckx, Chief Vision Officer of Handprint, said: “We are delighted to deepen our partnership with Thunes to help it and its customers play a more meaningful role in regenerative sustainability. 

“All industries, including fintechs, can do more to support nature, improve biodiversity and protect people. Our platform connects an enterprise’s KPIs to specific sustainability initiatives, making it easy for them to make a tangible difference.”

Thunes’ pledge is a key part of its ‘Turning Transactions into Actions’ ESG programme, which promotes sustainability, responsibility, diversity and equality, and currently supports reforestation efforts in Indonesia, Nigeria, India and Kenya with plans to expand into more countries.

Peter De Caluwe, Deputy Chairman, Thunes, commented: “With our commitment to reforestation and biodiversity, we are making a positive impact on the environment with every transaction. 

“Handprint’s impressive standards and far-reaching work will enable us to deliver an effective sustainability programme. Furthermore, our pledge helps differentiate Thunes as a truly innovative payment partner.”