IN Groupe taps Fingerprint Cards AB for enhanced biometric services


Digital ID service provider IN Groupe has announced a new partnership with Fingerprint Cards AB to enhance the former’s Smart Packaging Solutions (SPS) offering. 

Through the new deal, global card manufacturers will receive support for scaling up their production of contactless biometric cards, incorporating Fingerprints’ biometric sensors and software and algorithm capabilities.

Furthermore, the SPS offering will allow smartcard manufacturers to cut down on the costs and simplify the process behind the production of dual-interface and contactless cards, a market which IN Groupe currently holds 25% of. 

Michel Roig, President of Payment and Access at Fingerprints, commented: “Fingerprints is proud to work with IN Groupe and their SPS solutions. 

“It is a company that has innovation at the heart of its operations and is a leader in the payment card ecosystem. This partnership will further reinforce Fingerprints’ position as the leading provider of biometric solutions for payment cards.”

More details around the new partnership will be showcased at the TRUSTECH conference in Paris taking place at the end of November. 

On the collaboration, Jean-Baptiste Leos, Product Director for SPS Banking Products at IN Groupe, added: “With this partnership with Fingerprints, the world leader in biometrics, we are expanding our offering to provide issuers with an even wider range of solutions to meet the most complex requirements of card issuers.”