Xace executive offshoots new tool that unifies crypto with bank payments 

Credit: Shutterstock

Chief Banking Officer at payments provider Xace, Andria Evripidou, is launching a new unified crypto and banking solution. 

The former Revolut and Yapily executive further explained that the tool – XDA.io – will be primarily aimed at gaming firms, allowing them to accept both crypto payments and direct bank payments with just a single application. 

Evripidou also mentioned that by leveraging her long-term expertise in both igaming and banking, she plans to establish XDA.io as a response to the growing demand for a more accessible transaction ecosystem in the gaming community, encompassing both the crypto and the banking sector.

She added: “I am thrilled to introduce XDA.io to the gaming, banking and crypto community. With the rapid adoption of crypto in gaming, it’s time for a financial platform that caters to the unique needs for both crypto and fiat accounts in one gaming friendly place.”

XDA.io will also be launched with an international vision in mind that supports igaming businesses with the streamlining of their onboarding and compliance process, which has already been noticed by a number of global banks and crypto liquidity providers.

The tool will provide OTC and a liquidation platform at competitive rates, as well as cross-border payments and a frictionless link to bank accounts holding multiple currencies at once.