Fiserv to ‘simplify the future of embedded finance’

Credit: Shutterstock
Credit: Shutterstock

Global payments provider Fiserv is enhancing its embedded finance offering by facilitating a range of capabilities in order to ‘simplify the future of embedded finance’. 

By making capabilities, such as merchant acceptance, banking and card issuing available to clients and partners through a set of APIs, enabling how financial institutions and other facilitators serve their clients. 

By enabling embedded finance, Fiserv aims to serve these businesses to tap into its suite of financial products that can be leveraged to help create more valuable relationships with their clients and partners. 

Merchants can also benefit in turn, in gaining faster access to capital and the ability to simplify their business’ finances through a single provider. 

“We’re driven to bring the full stack of leading merchant and banking capabilities to our clients, reducing the time it takes them to get into market,” said Sunil Sachdev, Head of Embedded Finance at Fiserv. 

“This simplified delivery model for embedded finance will allow software platforms and marketplaces to build deeper relationships between their brands and merchants, while significantly expanding the revenue potential associated with each relationship.”

Furthermore, with its standing in the industry, Fiserv will connect its services to give further access to businesses with digital services to help them prosper. 

Businesses will be able to tap into Finxact – Fiserv’s core banking ledger – and commerce capabilities to help generate flexibility needed to integrate new and existing services.