Western Union activates Morocco humanitarian channels

Credit: Shutterstock

Money transfer firm Western Union has opened a financial corridor for everyone wanting to donate to Morocco after the country’s devastating earthquake. 

After the disaster struck, millions of Moroccans were displaced from their homes, and in some cases entire villages, after they were wiped off the face of the earth by the 4.0 magnitude earthquake.  

Hundreds of international companies then stood up to support the victims in solidarity, one of which is now Western Union. Users of the money wiring provider can send money directly to the Moroccan government’s 126 special fund, which was established as part of its national emergency strategy. 

Furthermore, people sending money to the African country through Western Union will benefit from zero transfer fees announced by the company on 13 September, specifically in aid of Morocco. These fees are also applicable for transfers to personal bank accounts based in the country. 

The new humanitarian service is available from all global Western Union digital channels and retail locations, and will be available until 11 October. 

Mohamed Touhami el Ouazzani, Head of Africa at Western Union, commented: “It is humbling to see the pace at which recovery and relief efforts have been taking place since the devastating earthquake hit the Al-Haouz region and surrounding areas of Morocco.

“As the country moves forward, all of us – people and organisations combined – must continue doing whatever is within our means to support. Western Union stands in solidarity with the people of Morocco. 

“We know that consumers globally would like to donate towards supporting victims and the relief process. We hope that being able to use Western Union’s vast global network, alongside our zero transfer fee offer, will enable them to do just that – seamlessly and reliably.”