Google: ‘It just gets better’ for language models and marketing

The future is now, with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies constantly being developed. ChatGPT, among other AI tools, is being fed enormous pools of data accumulated on the internet over the past two decades in a push aims to see language models become an integral part of our everyday lives. 

This became the main topic of discussion at the SBC Summit Barcelona AI panel, where moderator Mayank Kejriwal, AI researcher and author at the University of Southern California, explored the way that the internet will change once language models are incorporated for simple use such as quick question searches.

Heading the panel session, Kejriwal asked his guests how AI and, more specifically, language models, will alter the way companies think about advertising.  

James Fox, Industry Manager at Google, commented: “For us it’s about how it makes the user experience better and advertisers more efficient. 15% of searches everyday are never searched before. 

“For us it’s about evolution. You’ll see existing ad products continue to work through the Google ecosystem. The real value for the user within the existing search experience and how they continue to do the things they’ve always done. It just gets better.”

There will also be potential changes to how companies look at SEO. This, however, will not likely threaten the human touch, as Emilio Takas, Head of SEO at Kingbet Media, believes that ‘the game is here to stay’.

He said: “There is a big battle with publishers going on about how they can rank better on Google. We see new products that are coming from Google, as well as Microsoft. 

“As an advice, we SEO guys always need to adapt to all new technologies. The game is not going to change. For all the people who are afraid of AI, it’s not going to take humans jobs. People that can work with AI will have a better workflow.”

Finally, Kristjan Farrugia – CPO at iGaming firm WKND – commented that he sees a major development regarding the implementation of AI when it comes to ranking websites, as “language models will be able to analyse way better than any human being.”