phos: SoftPoS is an imperative in the world of digital payments 

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As digital payment methods evolve and become more integral to our everyday lives, SoftPoS is shaping to play an increasingly important role in the way  consumers transact. 

Brad Hyett, CEO of phos, focused on this development to explain how SoftPoS has turned into a must-have rather than a choice for payment service providers.

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, where convenience reigns supreme, the financial technology sector is undergoing a transformative shift. The global surge in contactless payments has given rise to a game-changing innovation – Software Point of Sale (SoftPoS). 

In this era of unprecedented convenience, it is emerging as a pivotal player, offering an ingenious method for customers to make payments via a mobile device and bestowing merchants with an array of benefits that resonate through every aspect of their operations.

Picture a scenario where a smartphone or tablet holds the power to become a payment terminal. This is the essence of SoftPoS solutions – a breakthrough that has the fintech community abuzz. Traditionally, merchants were required to invest in expensive hardware (chip and pin machines), creating a barrier for small businesses looking to embrace payments. Enter SoftPoS: an innovation that demolishes these barriers by leveraging the devices already in our hands.

Empowering merchants, delighting customers

The allure of SoftPoS solutions extends beyond cost-saving. It’s all about the customer experience. With SoftPoS, the act of making a payment becomes seamless, swift, and hassle-free. Armed with any NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet, merchants can effortlessly complete transactions with a mere tap. With SoftPoS democratising the ability to accept contactless payments, customers can use their preferred way to pay at more places than ever – whether that’s a coffee shop, festival, or at a street food vendor. 

The days of fumbling for the right amount of cash or swiping cards are fading, replaced by a frictionless payment process that mirrors the fast-paced nature of modern life.

This revolution isn’t one-sided. The advantages of SoftPoS resonate through merchant operations. The simplified checkout process increases the likelihood of closing sales, and combined with the speed of transactions, translates to shorter queues, happier customers, and more sales completed in the same time frame. SoftPoS solutions bring greater mobility to businesses, allowing them to offer a more personalised customer service and faster checkout experience. The result: increased revenue and a bolstered bottom line.

The convenience of swift transactions encourages repeat business, fostering loyalty among consumers who value efficiency. In a landscape where competition is fierce, customer retention is gold. As the adoption of contactless payments becomes more pervasive, businesses cannot afford to lag behind. The appeal of SoftPoS extends far beyond its current conveniences. It serves as a future-proofing investment, positioning businesses at the forefront of the payment technology revolution.

Embracing tomorrow, today

In the coming years, the momentum is expected to lean even more in favour of contactless payments. Smartphones are becoming an indispensable part of our lives, seamlessly integrating into our daily routines. SoftPoS provides a clear path to offering a secure and efficient customer experience, enabling businesses to cater to the preferences of the digitally-native generation.

Security stands as an unwavering cornerstone for both customers and merchants, particularly in the realm of digital transactions. Accreditations such as the PCI’s CPoC standard add an extra layer of reassurance for sellers facilitating contactless payments on everyday devices like smartphones and tablets. As merchants demand more streamlined payment methods, the imperative extends beyond convenience to encompass the sanctity of transactions. A SoftPoS solution must transcend efficiency, extending the promise of safe payments.

The rise of SoftPoS is not just a shift in payment methods; it’s a testament to the power of innovation in reshaping the way we conduct business. This trend isn’t a passing fad; it’s an indication of a more streamlined, inclusive, and efficient ecosystem. This simpler and far less expensive technology allows for merchants with minimal financial commitments to remain competitive and relevant in an evolving financial landscape. A vital advantage for small merchants and informal traders.

The ability to wield smartphones and tablets as payment terminals brings the dual power of cost-efficiency and customer satisfaction. As the world of payments speeds up to complete digitalisation, SoftPoS isn’t just an option; it’s an imperative. 

Businesses that grasp its potential today will inevitably lead the charge into a more prosperous and seamless future of commerce.