MIRACL to bolster Playtech’s security authentication

MIRACL has announced a new partnership with gambling technology provider Playtech to supply its suite of authentication services to ensure a safe gaming experience.

Playtech selected MIRACL and acknowledged the web security firm for its dedication to ‘seamless and easily accessible gameplay’, as both entities seek to find the correct balance between a smooth user experience and heightened security. 

MIRACL’s passwordless, single-step PIN authentication is recognised by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement as an all-in-one full replacement to usernames, passwords and 2FA.

Rob Griffin, CEO at MIRACL, said: “Today, we are delighted to announce our partnership with Playtech to bring our passwordless, single-step yet highly secure login to their customers and users. 

“Passwords are hard to remember, cumbersome for the user and a security nightmare. They are certainly not fit for purpose in the fast-paced, impulse-driven and multi-account environment of igaming.”

It is hoped that, as igaming regulations incorporate multi-factor-authentication requirements, a solution that improves the user experience offers several advantages including revenue increases in customer support streamlining.

MIRACL aims to provide a seamless login experience with a success rate of 99.9%, as it emphasises minimising loss of traffic due to login friction.

Griffin added: “MIRACL is fast becoming embedded and synonymous with igaming and sports betting enabling the best, secure user experience login across the sector. We are thrilled to be announcing a partnership with the standing and market-reach of Playtech.”