techUK, a group made up of 1,000 Big Tech members from Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and more, has issued a report to the UK’s future leaders on how they can best utilise technology to ‘build a better Britain’. 

The report aims to create new and innovative methods in the tech sector which can be best developed and deployed for the winners of the 2025 General Election, whilst acknowledging “a series of fundamental challenges”. 

techUK cautions future leaders that challenges such as the ongoing war in Ukraine and the existing cost-of-living crisis brought about by an uncertain economic climate has led the group to conclude that the next Government in office will have to do ‘more with less’. 

Despite this, technological evolution brought about in the last decade has seen the UK and London become one of the premier destinations for fintech and technological growth, seeing technology as the engine to help deliver more business growth and more resilient public services. 

techUK outlines that the UK’s tech economy contributes more than 25% to the total economy, adding roughly over £150bn in the last 10 years. 

The report cautions the next Government to not let this momentum go to waste, as new emerging technologies, such as increasingly sophisticated AI programmes, should not be neglected and allow other countries to gain a foothold in the tech space. 

Summarising some of its opportunities to help grow the UK tech sector, techUK believes that improving the access to day-to-day digital services not only cuts costs for central and local governments, but also improves upon other public services. 

The report also stresses the importance of making the UK one of the most secure online destinations, applying more money to digital skills workshops and apprenticeship schemes, as well as maintaining the UK holds onto its number one position in the fintech sector. 

“Whoever forms the next Government will face a number of challenges, from how to increase economic growth, to supporting our public services, to how we address climate change,” said Julian David, CEO of techUK. 

“The UK tech sector should be a key partner in addressing these challenges with the better use of digital technology viewed as the main opportunity of growth across all business sectors.

“We can seize this opportunity if we see our tech sector as the engine of growth and change across our society and economy.”