Fast Track’s Lidzén – Open AI to ‘stick around’ in gaming

The next wave of technological evolution spearheaded by Open AI and its full suite of artificial intelligence tools are bringing disruption across every industry in the world. 

Simon Lidzén, CEO and Co-Founder of Fast Track revealed that betting and gaming is no exception, with new opportunities being unlocked through the use of AI and what Open AI is doing to accelerate these.

“When it comes to the Open AI integration, it’s really exciting because from a CRM perspective we do a lot of content production, a lot of translations, a lot of things that are very labour-intensive and require a lot of resources,” Lidzén remarked. 

“This has become infinitely easier and faster. We have integrated Open AI to a very deep level – all the way from generating entire campaigns, push notifications and emails to optimising the content that we already have, shortening text and performing all the generative translations.

“This changes the role in how CRM managers and producers are going to work in the future, but it is really exciting and we’ve rolled it out in production already and we’re seeing operators taking advantage of this today.” 

Asked on the differences between Open AI and its competitors in the artificial intelligence field, Lidzén firmly believes that the UX is what is bringing Open AI ahead of all others.

“The introduction of Open AI is really exciting. They’ve taken a technology that’s been around for a while and they’ve made so much better – it’s the UX around it. I think that’s the big difference and why it’s going to stick around. 

“It’s similar to when we started typing on our screens on the first iPhone. It was not until we saw an interface and an operating system that was supported that showed us it really works. 

“AI is going to play a very dominant role in everything that is happening in every industry in the world. We’re going to see a lot of organisations that are going to be early adopters and others that are going to be a bit slower. The one thing I know for sure is that the organisation of tomorrow has to adopt this type of technology to be successful.”

Open AI can also be integrated into payments, as the Fast Track CEO highlights that there are plenty of use cases for the technology in terms of AML and KYC perspective that it can do more efficiently than before. 

“If you’re looking at AML and KYC, there’s a lot of things that can be done in payments too. We have huge companies that are managing tasks that can be easily done by AI. In terms of customer segmentation and how we approach that, AI can be used to do that a lot better than what we’re able to do today. 

“In terms of personalisation, AI can be applied pretty much anywhere. Specifically with Open AI, we’re going to see it being applied very quickly because people truly understand how to do that very quickly,” Lidzén concluded.