The latest edition of Payment Expert’s Encore series saw us speak to SkyParlour Founder Kimberley Waldron, as she underlined her adulation for The Stone Roses and which artist brought everyone together after three days in a muddy puddle. 

What was your first ever gig, and what was it like?

Honest answer, Boyzone at the old MEN arena. It was madness and jumping. I heard nothing at all of the music. 

First proper gig would probably have been Jet (for their Get Born album), somewhere in Preston. From what I can remember the music was much heavier live – I loved it.

Best performance you have ever seen live, and why was it so good?

This is a hard one, as I have so many memories. I need to give two, if that’s allowed.

Firstly, Faithless at Global Gathering circa 2006 – I have never been so miserable as I was for those three days sleeping in a muddy puddle, masquerading as a tent. But the Faithless performance on night two lit up the whole crowd and brought us all together for a moment. 

Secondly, The Stone Roses at Heaton Park. The remaining original Wailers joined Ian Brown and Co. on stage to close the show with a rendition of Redemption Song that was just something else. Everyone was totally still and the flag waving was sensational. 

Artist who can do no wrong in your eyes and why? 

Oasis. Because Oasis. (and I went to high school in Warrington in the 1990s).

Oh, and another dual answer from me… Nick Mulvey. Because he wrote my beautiful wedding song, ‘Meet me there’.

Most cherished album and why? 

This would be a vinyl version of Mudslide Slim and the Blue Horizon by James Taylor. Why? The look and feel of it, the fact it was my Dad’s 50 years ago. The fact that I knew all the words to all the songs before even hearing the original because my Dad always sang it to me. The fact that I still know all the words. And the fact that me and my Dad can still sing it together (badly). 

Song that gets you up in the morning? Why does it fill you with the energy you need to face the day?

Start me up by The Rolling Stones. Best. Band. Ever. If they are still Rolling (which they are), I can surely get up and face my day!

The song that always makes your gym playlist? What are you usually doing in the gym when you listen to this?

Any Drum & Bass! Oh and ‘Feel the love’ by Rudimental. These days I’m usually lifting weights or jumping on and off boxes. 

The Artist or Song that takes your mind off work? Why have you chosen this artist and genre?

Another tough one. Right now, probably the Lumineers. I’ve been re-listening to their Ophelia album from 2016 lately and it’s harsh, romantic and epic all at the same time. It’s a bit of musical escapism. 

Musician you’d love to go on a night out with? Where would you take them?

This one could go either way I think. But probably John Meyer. I’d take him to the old Northern Quarter haunts in Manchester, Night and Day, Matt and Phreds and maybe the Deaf Institute (depending what’s on) then finish up at good old 42’s nightclub. Just to see what he made of it.