Nationwide Building Society has selected Accenture and Form3 to transform its digital payments infrastructure through the adoption of a cloud native platform.  

Aiming to enhance the customer experience with seamless, secure and fast transactions, both Form3 and Accenture will look to continue to grow their “cost-efficient” solution to enable Nationwide to adapt its operations to meet regulatory changes, such as ISO 20022. 

Otto Benz, Payments Director at Nationwide Building Society, commented: “We’ve seen massive growth in cashless payments in the UK, with Nationwide processing around 450 million retail transactions each year. 

“We needed a solution that will evolve alongside our business, facilitating an increasing volume of payments whilst meeting the expectations of our customers. This project, in collaboration with Form3 and Accenture, is a major step in simplifying and strengthening our payments processing.”

The Form3 cloud solution connects financial institutions to payments schemes, such as Faster Payments and BACS, and builds upon a decade-long collaboration with Nationwide. 

Through a series of phases which launched in 2022, Nationwide will migrate all types of retail payments from an on-premise platform to the Form3 cloud, with a process in place to ensure there is no service interruption for its customers.

“As digital payments increase, many financial institutions are starting to modernise their infrastructure to compete effectively,” said Michael Mueller, CEO of Form3. 

“Working with Accenture, Form3 will help Nationwide transition their payment processing to one of the most modern, efficient, secure and resilient platforms in the market without impacting service delivery.”

Accenture was selected by Nationwide as the strategic delivery partner for its payments modernisation program, bringing its expertise in this space along with strong cloud engineering and architecture capabilities.

“The accelerating digitisation of payments, coupled with ongoing economic turbulence, is shaping how consumers transact and move their money”, added Sulabh Agarwal, Global Payments Lead at Accenture. 

“Nationwide’s transformation is an excellent example of a traditional financial institution embracing next-generation payments and reinventing customer experiences at speed and scale – supporting future growth, continuous innovation and industry relevance.”