Mia-FinTech strengthens payment capabilities with new hub launch


Mia-FinTech has moved to strengthen its offering with the launch of Payment Integration Hub (PIH). 

The application aims to combine digital payment methods in a single console – in a move that would be key for boosting efficiency. 

Bruno Natoli, CEO of Mia-FinTech, commented: “The total transaction value of digital payments in the UK is projected to surpass £360bn in 2023, out of which e-commerce will account for over £240bn. With a rapid increase in the use of all digital payment methods, there is a need for an associated ecosystem of services to evolve and keep pace with innovations in this space.

“The pandemic accelerated the appetite for digital payments and now consumer buying patterns and habits will drive new payment innovations, pushing industry players to reconsider and upgrade operating models. The PIH from Mia-FinTech is a composable and flexible solution that will unify all payments and provide true digital payment governance to companies, allowing them to better manage their business and respond quicker to evolving consumer preferences.”

As part of the launch, companies will be enabled to integrate and handle different payment APIs in a single modular, ready-to-market solution where they can manage the digital payments lifecycle.

Businesses will be able to offer their customers the opportunity to choose their preferred payment method at the checkout for a better user experience, while a back office application will ensure that every single transaction is monitored in real time. 

Natoli concluded: “2022 has been an extremely successful first year. Significant growth in our customer acquisition numbers has laid the foundations for a great future ahead. We have created an impressive catalogue of services together with our partners, which will make digital transformation much more accessible for any financial services organisations looking to introduce cloud-native applications to give them a competitive edge.”

The Payment Integration Hub supports more than 10 payment providers including, but not limited to: PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Satispay, Stripe and UniCredit.