The Payment Expert Encore provides an opportunity for the payments industry to take the stage and share with us the soundtrack that took them to where they are today. 

For the first edition, we spoke to Monneo’s Lili Metodieva, as she revealed which live performance was ‘breathtakingly beautiful’ and her first live performance that was nothing short of unforgettable. 

What was your first ever gig, and what was it like?

The first concert I can remember was Madonna; I remember it so clearly, it almost feels like yesterday. As is always the case with Madonna, her show was highly entertaining and totally unforgettable. To this day, I’ve never seen anything like it. 

Best performance you have ever seen live, and why was it so good?

I love live music performances as they are a totally immersive way of enjoying music. There’s always so much raw emotion in the room which creates a vibe you don’t feel when simply listening through a stereo. Ultimately, I don’t care too much for famous musicians, as long as they bring the emotion to the performance, it is guaranteed to draw me in. 

That being said, there are two performances which I could label as ‘the best I have ever seen’. The first of which was a concert from the exceptional French artist, Imany. When she started to sing, it was like the world around us stopped to listen. The second to note would be a pianist in a small bar, but unfortunately I don’t remember her name. I enjoy going to listen to live music in piano bars as the music is totally real and unfiltered, making it perfectly imperfect. Her performance was breathtakingly beautiful.

Artist who can do no wrong in your eyes and why? 

I can be very fussy when it comes to music, so I can’t name an artist who can ‘do no wrong’. As I have evolved and matured as a person, many artists I loved years ago I no longer like or listen to. This doesn’t mean they have done wrong, just that I am a different person now. Generally speaking, what’s important for me is that the lyrics are touching and well written, and sung by a wonderful voice.

Most cherished album and why?

The music I cherish varies depending on my mood or situation. I usually go for ‘Best Of’ albums which compile the most popular music from a particular artist. In my case, I always find myself reaching for Divas, Reggaeton, or an artist that’s piqued my interest at the moment.

Song that gets you up in the morning? Why does it fill you with the energy you need to face the day?

It changes day by day, but right now it is Shousse, ‘Love Tonight’. The rhythm is great and full of energy, giving me a feeling of freedom when I start my day. I really love the remixes too!

The song that always makes your gym playlist? What are you usually doing in the gym when you listen to this?

I love pole fitness and weight exercises, and I often have Katy Perry, Dark Horse on in the background.

The Artist or Song that takes your mind off work? Why have you chosen this artist and genre?

It’s very rare for me to totally take my mind off work, but if I want to change my focus for a few minutes, I’ll reach for Lana Del Rey, Robbie Williams. Imany, or Lenny Kravitz album. I often throw in some reggaeton too for good measure, or the complete opposite in Frank Sinatra. I know they have nothing in common, but it depends on my mood and what is going on around me that dictates the music choice.

Musician you’d love to go on a night out with? Where would you take them?

If I could go on a night out with all of the musicians I’ve mentioned in this article, I’d be delighted. We could go to a massive party, then end up in a karaoke bar singing all of their greatest hits together!