Solana experienced an error in its code that forced all dealings with the cryptocurrency to stop working for almost three hours.

Both sellers and buyers of the ninth biggest cryptocurrency in the world were thrown into turmoil last Friday evening, after the digital asset went through an outage.

Reports suggest that the reason behind this was a faulty validator that initiated two instances instead of one, both looking to produce an individual block, which made the PoS blockchain essentially stuck, as it could not determine which block is the correct one. 

In a tweet, Laine – a software company that operates Solana’s validators – released that this should’ve been something that the network can fix on its own.  

However, the latest is the sixth in a series of abnormalities for the crypto asset in 2022. In May, Solana was deactivated for a period of seven hours, in June it was frozen for almost four hours, while September of last year saw the longest outage, with the digital coin being out for nearly 18 hours.