Axerve integrates Viceversa’s revenue finance model

Fintech data platform Viceversa has struck up a partnership with Axerve to integrate its revenue-based finance model for ecommerce financial growth. 

Axerve’s ecommerce customers will now be able to implement Viceversa’s model to gain capital of up to €1m via the use of hybrid financing that repays funds by sharing a percentage of business income. 

The revenue finance model has been offered as an alternative to venture capital, allowing ecommerce companies to access marketing investment whilst repaying their debts based on growth of revenues, without the need to cede their business controls. 

This ‘flexible, non-dilutive’ model falls in line with the duo’s common goal to help firms in the ecommerce sector to grow and develop their plans efficiently. 

Alessandro Bocca, CEO of Axerve, commented: “Axerve acts as a partner for the growth of its customers’ business and, in this context, signs agreements with innovative companies, such as Viceversa, that offer models facilitating this goal. 

“Thanks to the partnership with Viceversa, our customers will be able to obtain financing quickly and without selling shares in their company. Another advantage is that they are sustainable loans, with a low average value and instalments that grow with the growth in turnover.”

The sharing of business data has also been highlighted as a key area for business growth. Viceversa accomplishes this by capturing analytics from companies who work on their business and marketing spend, to foster better tools for investing in current budgets. 

Metrics such as CAC (Cost of Customer Acquisition) and ROAS (Return on Investment Advertising) will be visible and accessible for uninitiated ecommerce platforms. 

Axerve states that Allied Market Research found in 2021 that the global revenue-based financing market will reach a $42.34bn valuation by 2027, a growth of 61.8%. 

“Coming from the world of startup investments, we know very well the growth needs of digital companies. Thanks to our data-driven, fast and flexible solution, we are able to provide capital and useful information to companies, in order to better invest their marketing budget,” added Matteo Masserdotti, CEO of Viceversa. 

“With Axerve, we have created a win-win relationship in which the ultimate winner is the client company that can quickly access the funds and data necessary for its growth.”