SOFTSWISS Anti-Fraud team bolsters social responsibility focus

The SOFTSWISS Managed Services Anti-Fraud Team has underlined its focus to social responsibility after completion of the Social Responsibility, Communication and Motivating Behaviour Change’ course by GamCare.

The firm emphasised that off the back of the course, it will be able to carry out a series of upgrades to its service level to ensure all parts of the business work “in line with the principles of social responsibility”.

As part of the training programme, SOFTSWISS Managed Services employees gained a deeper understanding when it comes to upskilling communication strategies to “adopt a more proactive approach when it comes to dealing with gambling-related harm, as well as escalated safer gambling issues”.

“Our team is always striving to improve their knowledge and put it into practice right away,” said Anastasia Vyshinskaia, Head of SOFTSWISS Managed Services.

“The course by GamCare is not an exception: the Anti-Fraud team learned how to deal with clients’ enquiries on gambling-related issues and risks as well as how to build communication based on people’s behaviour.

“We aim for perfection in our service, and we care about our clients because security and expertise are at the core of the service we offer at SOFTSWISS.”

The company’s responsible gambling specialists, shift leads of the first line support and VIP managers took part in the training.

Anti-Fraud Support is one of six SOFTSWISS Managed Services, the multi-function department responsible for B2C client support services for online casino and sports betting brands.