Global Primex launches VLoad for innovative payment methods

Digital payment solutions firm Global Primex has launched its new payment platform VLoad, enabling ‘innovative’ payment methods for merchants and consumers. 

In partnership with Metropolitan Commercial Bank, Primex seeks to empower its consumers ‘industry-leading’ privacy and security measures when making a transaction with VLoad, with a further interest in enhancing revenues on top of fraud prevention, dispute management, and acceptance rates. 

Whilst VLoad is tailored to the US ecommerce market for online merchants, Primex is also targeting industries such as regulated online gaming operators, subscription billing services, entertainment and the travel industry, all within America. 

The expansion into a multitude of differing industries is due to Primex focusing on addressing key issues within the payments landscape, which includes excessive chargebacks, low acceptance rates, and fraud. 

“Global Primex was founded on the premise of creating anti-fraud solutions for online merchants suffering from excessive chargebacks and low acceptance rates, and for providing consumers with a best-in-class private and secure online payment method,” said Marek Sala, CEO of Global Primex. 

“With VLoad, merchants are protected under Global Primex’s PCI DSS Level 1 certified payments platform, benefitting from early fraud detection and dispute resolution, while customers’ identities and data are kept private from third parties.”

VLoads’ Merchant Network enables merchants to connect with its consumers once they have passed Primex’s merchant due diligence process. 

This process checks merchant products that consumers want but struggle with accessing traditional payment methods for purchase. The process system also addresses the need for help with fraud and payment risks, followed by access to an ecosystem of customers who have identities verified. 

“Our partnership with Global Primex is a natural fit given our shared vision around digital transformation of the payments space,” stated Nick Rosenberg, Executive Vice President, Head of Global Payments Group at Metropolitan Commercial Bank. 

“We look forward to introducing a product that will provide both sides of a purchase with a strong sense of security through VLoad transactions.”