BNPL provider Scalapay, has partnered with Web3 platform Twig enabling customers to resell the firm’s products for efficient payments. 

As part of the collaboration, Scalapay customers will be forwarded to Twig and will be able to get instant valuation on their products, where the green pay infrastructure firm aims to repay the customer instantly. 

The ‘first of its kind’ partnership benefits Scalapay customers by affording them the opportunity to manage their bought products more sustainably, with Twig offering an outlet in this secondary life cycle, consumers have opportunities to gain extended money off unwanted products. 

Furthermore, this circularity enhances longevity if the product is shrunk to consumption and also helps reduce CO2 emissions. 

“We want to do our part and encourage our customers to think and act more sustainably,” said Simone Mancini, CEO and Co-Founder of Scalapay. 

“If a customer can instantly resell something they have purchased then it supports them in buying better quality and even opting for sustainable brands whose products tend to hold their value more over time. By slowing down the payment we want to be for shopping what the slow-food movement is for cooking. Allowing instant resale furthers this.”

According to research carried out by Twig, Almost 60% of Gen Z customers consider the resale value already when purchasing new items, with more than 30% fund new lifestyle goods by reselling old ones. 

In addition to the partnership, Scalapay will also work with Twig platform For The Earth, a B2B initiative that seeks to help businesses improve their sustainability practices, zeroing in on improving net-zero carbon emissions. 

Geri Cupi, CEO and Founder of Twig, commented: “We’re incredibly excited to be working alongside a company like Scalapay. To collaborate with such a global successful platform, and to offer our customers similar values, services and easily-implemented sustainable practices, is a dream.”